Revenue Streams
At the core of what we do are the products and initiatives that fund our continued involvement in the Metaverse. Let's run through at a high level.


Index Products currently provide the core of our income and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Our flagship product is the Metaverse Index - $MVI launched in April 2021. A second product, MetaPortal Gaming Index - $GAME, launched in March 2022.
Beyond that, we have been working with Prime DAO to begin rating Metaverse protocols based on our designed framework. Expect examples soon and an invite for the community to get involved too!
The content we publish on Substack was supplemented by partner adverts, but this is coming to an end. We are looking for another partner as we continue to expand our content offering during 2022!


We have plans to explore NFT game scholarships (think Axie, Decentral Games). This is an option that is very well aligned with our purpose at MetaPortal, as it gives people an opportunity to enter the crypto sphere with zero risk and begin earning.
Besides scholarships we are also looking to start a Gitcoin Grant. Wrapping up content, community and scholarships into a grant that supports opportunity within the Metaverse feels like a logical step for MetaPortal.
Finally, the idea of running infrastructure that supports the continued operation of the Metaverse and its many applications is something we are considering. Think running a Ronin validator or Gala node, perhaps even an Ethereum validator someday.
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