“MetaPortal aims to foster development of the open Metaverse, through a mixture of contributions and capital.”
It's not just the two of us at MetaPortal trying to build in the Metaverse. As such, we try to invest in projects building cool shit that aligns with our views.

The Thesis

We wrote an article to lay out the thesis behind our investments, but in short it boils down to looking for:

Infinite Players

People who are working on something bigger than themselves, pursuing things for the satisfaction of being present at this time in history, not seeking status or riches.
“I like to say that working [on things in the Metaverse] is effectively building my own afterlife” - Mark Studholme, MetaMundo
“We should talk not just about the open Metaverse, but about the open intelligent Metaverse” - Arif Khan, Alethea.ai

Interoperability & Openness

Absolutely key for blockchains and ownership. Interoperability could mean between chains, between real world and digital, between virtual worlds, anything. Openness refers to the open source nature of development in this space. To go far, go together.


We want to look beyond the hype and contribute to projects that move the space forward, always in pursuit of the qualities listed above. Bonus for combining 2+ technologies together (looking at you Alethea!).

Decentralisation > Centralisation

We value a metaverse that is built on the principle of decentralising ownership and democratising opportunity.
So that’s how we think about our ventures, be they capital or contribution. It’s an exciting time to be in crypto, and we can’t wait to get stuck-in alongside some incredible teams in the future.

The Investments

Alethea.ai - Artificial Intelligence meets NFTs to create intelligent NFTs (iNFTs).
MetaMundo - a marketplace for interoperable 3D assets.
GalleonDAO - Community focused on launching and growing index products, native to Arbitrum.