MetaPortal Gaming Index - GAME
Work in progress, info on this page is subject to change.
Gaming related tokens have been the top performers in MVI and money is flooding into the narrative. We see this index as complimentary to MVI for those who want to supercharge exposure to the hottest Metaverse narrative.
MetaPortal Gaming Index ($GAME) spans games, virtual worlds and gaming platforms, and is a simple and effective way to express the view that crypto games will capture a growing market share of the $269bn gaming market.
GAME was launched on March 2, 2022, with the index available on TokenSets and via a Uniswap V3 pool.

Launch Composition

GAME Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xa1EA9aA32CBba8c203DDC510a144aD1F439d436c


Methodology is all about the what & how of putting together an index. It covers things like screening, token selection, calculation of tokens weights and much more. Below is a high-level overview.
  • Tokens must be ERC20 available on Ethereum mainnet.
  • The protocol must be in one of the following token categories, as defined by MetaPortal Metaverse Categories: Gaming, Virtual Worlds and Platforms.
  • For Platforms and Virtual Worlds, only those focusing on gaming will be considered for inclusion.
  • The token must have reasonable and consistent DEX liquidity on Ethereum.
  • In the event of a security issue the methodologist will work with the project team to understand the issue and any effects to $MVI holdings. The team is expected to provide users of the protocol with a reliable solution and adequate documentation to ensure transparency about the incident.

Index Weight Calculation

  • Weights are calculated using square root of market capitalization.
  • There will be a 25% maximum allocation cap on single positions.
  • Excess weight for a given token will be redistributed to the remaining components on a weighted basis.

Index Maintenance

  • The index will rebalance on an ad-hoc basis, but at least quarterly, at the discretion of the methodologist.

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